Meet Minnesota’s Exclusive Home Buyer Agents

Buyers Real Estate Group is a Minneapolis-based real estate agency focusing on the Greater Minneapolis / St Paul area. We lead the industry by having Real Estate Agents who exclusively represent Home Buyers. Let us help you find the right house today!

When you work with Buyers Real Estate Group, you have an Exclusive Buyer Agent. We have been exclusvely representing home buyers for 22+ years and our agents have an average of 15 years representing buyers in Minnesota. That means we represent the best interests of home buyers at all times. We never represent the seller. We specialize in representing home buyers in the Minneapolis / St Paul area.

We are professional, licensed real estate agents that can show properties to a home buyer in the Twin Cities without the possibility of representing the seller side of the table at the same time. Few other real estate agents can say they help you avoid dual agency!

So if you’re looking for a townhouse, condo, single family home or investment, please give us a call at 612-247-0240.

If you’d like to request a private meeting with an experienced realtor to discuss your situation call 612-247-0240 to get that set up at a time that works for you. We are happy to meet to discuss how we can support your home buying plans better than any other realtors!

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How to Winterize Your Home

winter picGreat advice from HouseLogic – and just in time…

  • Check roof tiles, shutters, siding, and other exterior materials to ensure they’re secure
  • Seal air leaks around the home to keep it warmer (and save energy costs)
  • Insulate all exposed plumbing pipes to prevent burst pipes
  • Trim tree branches away from your roof to prevent roof damage
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Happy Thanksgiving!

We want to wish all of our friends, family and homeowners a Happy Thanksgiving. We are enriched to know you! We are blessed to live in a beautiful community!



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Welcome to the Twin Cities – check out our fun places

Are you new to the Twin Cities? Just thinking about relocating. Allow us to help by putting our best foot forward.

The CityPages is a biweekly newspaper all about what’s going on in Minneapolis and St Paul as far as arts, music, theater, film, food and politics are concerned. Each year they run a “Best of” survey with their readers and publish the results!

It’s a quick way to feel like an insider and a heck of a way to create a “to-do” list to get to know the Twin Cities better. Check it out!

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Can your home help you sleep?

According to HouseLogic your house can help you sleep better. Here are a few tips to make your house more sleep friendly or help you pick out a sleep-friendly house to buy…

  1. Keep is dark. Use blackout shades. Find windows that point away from the light. Use red light bulbs before bed; it helps your body start to take on melatonin.
  2. Clear out the clutter. Clutter induces stress and reduces sleep. So clear out those dishes, the laundry and mail for a better night sleep.
  3. Keep the TV out of the bedroom. It does not help you sleep is keeps you awake.
  4. Keep your bedroom your bedroom. Multitasking your bedroom as an office or exercise room leads to sleep time distractions that you don’t need.
  5. Soundproof the room. Just like light, sound can keep you awake at light. Find a house with a back bedroom, away from the street traffic or find a way to muffle the noise.
  6. Improve your air. If it’s easier to breathe, it’s easier to sleep. High levels of carbon dioxide can hinder your concentration the next morning.
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Frogtown, St Paul: Affordable, diverse and on the train

little mekongThe Thomas-Dale neighborhood in St Paul is affectionately known as Frogtown – from the German Froschburg. It is built up around University Avenue just West of Downtown St. Paul.

The Blue Line train runs right through it, making public transportation quick and easy.

The area is home to many Vietnamese and Hmong immigrants – in fact, it is the largest urban contingent in the United States. There are several large Asian markets in the area an many immigrant-owned businesses.

The area celebrated their cultural diversity with fun events like the annual Night Market – a family-friendly street fair of food, shopping, music, dancing and more.

The homes are very affordable and with the new trains, it is easy to access either downtown (St Paul or Minneapolis). The areas is served by Central High school – the oldest high school in Minnesota.

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Clever ways to save money on your house now and later

A house is the biggest investment most of us will ever make. So how can you enjoy it and keep it in good shape? We have some tips to share from House Logic

  1. Take shorter showers – saves on water bills now but more importantly reduces the risk of mildew. In fact run the exhaust while you shower and squeegee after and you’ll be in great shape.
  2. Let the sun shine – especially in the winter. Closing the shades, you’re missing the natural warmth from the sun. But keeping the shades closed at night might keep the warmth in – and the neighbors out!
  3. Don’t save the quick dollar. Know when you spend a little for quality – especially in terms of resale. Buyers like to buy quality appliances – and many are energy efficient.
  4. Only run the dishwasher when it’s full.
  5. Go easy on the mulch. Too much of a good thing can Damage the foliage.
  6. Don’t be too fast to remodel. Live in the house for a while first. That window may have seemed high until you learned the neighbors were bright light folks.
  7. Quit saving everything. Clutter doesn’t make you happy or sell your house!
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Highland Park, St Paul: Families, school and centrally located

highlandHighland Park is in the southwestern corner of St Paul. It is located along the Mississippi River. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 23,202.

Highland Park currently is a mix of well maintained older housing, commercial and retail property and light industrial buildings. The “Village” located near the former Ford Plant is host to a number of restaurants and shops.

There are several schools in the area, including a larger public high school (Highland High School – a Blue Ribbon School!) a public grade school, a charter school and a couple of Catholic schools. There are several churches of different denominations and most of St Paul’s synagogues are in Highland.

Highland is a very walk-friendly neighborhood with a mix of new residents and folks who have been in the area for generations.

Contact us for more information on homes in the area!

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New ReStore for Thrifty Buyers

Longfellow neighborhood in SE area of Minneapolis is now home to the newest Reusable home goods center called the ReStore.

Habitat for Humanity opened this second store as part of their non-profit home improvement outlet program, their original store is located in New Brighton, and both stores are filled with donated items allowing Habitat for Humanity recipients to benefit from the sale of new and used items donated to their stores.

Homeowners benefit as there are 23,000 square feet of options to view that could potentially keep the costs of remodeling down and help you buy options for pennies on the dollar of what new would cost.

Contributions come from individuals and corporations in- cluding Valspar Paints who also donated 1,800 gallons of paint for the opening of the new store. The original store in New Brighton was so successful at providing funds for new construction in 2015 that 6 families were able to get new homes.

If you prefer to donate rather than make a purchase, the ReStore accepts donations of doors, light fixtures, appliances, furniture, hardware, tiles, tools, plumbing, flooring, cabinets and more.

They are open Tuesday through Friday 10AM – 6PM with donations accepted until 5PM.d They are open Saturday from 10AM – 4PM with donations accepted until 3PM, they are closed on Sunday.
All donations are tax deductible.

For more information for shopping, donating or volunteering, contact or call 612-588-3820.

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Want to lower your energy bill? We have five tips to help

It’s getting to feel a lot like winter out there – so we’re sharing five from House Logic to help you keep those winter energy bills in check…

  1. Caulk and seal air leaks. Save up to $227 a year
  2. Hire a pro to seal ductwork and give your HVAC a tune-up.
  3. Program your thermostat. Save up to $180 a year.
  4. Replace all your light bulbs with LEDs. Save $75 a year or more
  5. Reduce the temperature on your water heater. Save $12 to $30 a year for each 10-degree reduction in temp.
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County Office Information made simple

While looking for your new home, you may often do research to ensure your new home is in compliance with County or City ordinances. It can be a frustrating and time consuming search to find the correct department within each county for your search.

To help you navigate the maze of information there is a great site called which can help you find almost anything you desire.

It includes all 50 states and categories include tax, assessment, schools and department of motor vehicles to name just a few.

We hope this tool will help you simplify your search for County information and as always please call us with your questions. We can help you find the right office for what you need.

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