Puppy Tales

Last July I lost my beloved Ellie Mae, my golden retriever to seizures. In August we welcomed a new dog into our family. Buddy Boy has a “robust personality” and he keeps us on our toes. He is a Red Tick English Coonhound, weighs about sixty pounds, and when he stands on his back legs he can rest his front legs on my shoulders. (I am five foot three inches)

Last week I baked a chicken breast, left it to cool on the range, went to go do some work on my computer, and when I came back all that was left was a few crumbs and very satisfied looking Buddy. He loves to go in the car with me, and when I do not have clients, or they choose to drive their own car and I know that they are dog lovers, he gets to go with. I am trying to teach him to read directions so he can help me find the houses!!! I am hoping to post his picture on my blog, so keep looking as he is very photogenic. I have many “Buddy” stories and will keep posting them.

Submitted by exclusive home buyer agent, Renei Schmitz

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