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With 10+ years in Real Estate and additional experience in Relocating clients from outside the state and country, I am gifted in helping people save money while getting into a property they love at a great price with savings in all categories from choosing the right lender, choosing the right closer  as well as the right options to help when fixing up your new home.  When my buyers get the deed  for their new home, they already have equity in their homes because of my negotiation skills and ability to write excellent letters that successfully capture a seller’s attention in multiple offer situations.  My understanding of financing and negotiation makes me a strong advocate for buyers in any market.

A recent buyer sent this response to the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents who referred her to me, her comments when asked if her EBA was in touch with her are unsolicited.

“Yes! We selected Claire Bastien.  She helped us find a great lender and then write the perfect offer for our dream house.  Our offer was selected out of eight offers although we were not the highest bidder.  We couldn’t be happier with Claire and give her our highest recommendation.  We are very pleased with our decision to select a NAEBA agent and would suggest it to anyone.  Thank you, Kelsey S.”

Matching a buyer to the lending product that best suits that buyer’s current and future situation, negotiating strongly in their favor, and ensuring all the factors that could affect enjoyment of a property have been examined and deemed clear prior to closing, allows my buyers to live in the knowledge that they have a safe home and paid less than market value or received some other compensation in the form of seller’s contributions, grant money or other benefits which give added value. It only adds to my love of real estate that I truly represent the buyer’s needs and that they get the very best representation possible.

My expertise in the twin cities metro area is in part due to having lived in MN most of my life while having traveled extensively around the world.  I see the great benefits this metro area has to offer.  My journalism background lends itself in investigating options and alternatives for buyers, I love to get to the bottom of a situation and determine the alternatives if problems arise.

With the combined knowledge of my experience and that of my colleagues I offer a powerful answer for a buyer in any market.  We all need to follow our passion and helping buyers get a fair deal is mine.

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