Downtown Minneapolis, Where do you grocery shop?

As the downtown Minneapolis condo market continues to shift and change, so do the plans for downtown grocery stores. In 2004, Lunds was looking in to plans for a downtown location at 12th and Hennepin. Apparently, they ran in to some snags with regard to having enough room to contain all of the offerings we’ve come to know and love. On August 5th, 2008, it was announced that Lunds will be going in to a location on Hennepin Ave., between 10th and 11th, filling up approximately 30,000 square feet. Here’s an article from the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal that explains it all.

Not to be forgotten is the current Lunds location at Central and University which has been open since 2006. For now, downtown residents have to drive over the bridge to get there, but we all know it’s worth it!

Another grocery venture on the other end of downtown is the Whole Foods at 1 Washington Ave., the former location of a Jaguar dealership. The snags all along have involved financing as well as getting approved plans with regard to commercial, residential and rental property combined in one building. Look at info from the Star-Tribune article.

As these projects progress, I predict we will see the recovery of downtown condo sales move in tandem. Along with these ventures that make downtown living more do-able, the new Twins Stadium is almost finished and the conversations about new modes of transit in and out of downtown from each direction, with a hub at Twins Stadium, keep downtown Minneapolis in the forefront urban growth and vitality.

I’m looking forward to updates about North Loop project and anything about The Nicollet.
Submitted by Susan Hofflander

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