The Hair of Love

I am a real dog lover, and when I met my husband he had a Golden Retriever named Ellie Mae. I have a dachshund “wiener dog” named Yoda.

Yoda has very short hair and does not shed, at least I never can find any of his hair. Ellie on the other hand is a shedding machine, and at first I was on a mission to find a way to take care of the shedding, we tried brushing every day, grooming every few weeks, more brushing, supplements to her food, you name it I tried it!!

If you have a “golden” you know that this is just part of owning a “golden”. I wish I would have invented the Swifter, I seem to use it daily!! I am now five years into having Ellie Mae in my life, she is the most loving dog I have ever had. I no longer am so concerned about the hair; I have put sheets on my furniture as she likes to sit on the sofa. I tell everyone that visits that we have decorated in “Traditional Ellie Mae”, which gets good laugh.

I still Swifter, but I would not part with her for anything. She was my best buddy when I was battling breast cancer; she just knew that things were not right with me. She is my walking buddy, and I would put up with all the hair ten times over just to have her with me. So that is why I call it the “hair of love”.

Submitted by exclusive buyer agent (and dog lover) Renei Schmitz

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