To replace or reface? Solutions to your kitchen cabinet dilemma

To replace or reface?  That is the question.

If it’s the structural layout of your kitchen that you dislike, replacing cabinets or doing a remodel may be best. It’s more expensive and time consuming, but it will allow you to get 100% of your dream kitchen. If you’re considering a remodel, our tips are to:

Visit model homes or show rooms – It’s difficult to get a sense of your dream kitchen unless you’re in it. Model homes and show rooms allow you to walk through possibilities and visualize yourself in the space.

Analyze your use of the kitchen space – spend a couple weeks taking notes on how you use your kitchen. Is it mostly for cooking only? Do you entertain a lot? How many people are typically in the kitchen at once? All of these things will help you determine the best layout to fit your needs. Every family is different. A remodel is an opportunity to get exactly what you want. The toughest part of that is identifying what it is you want, what you need, and what you’ll really use.

If you’re looking for a refresh, refacing or refreshing is a good option. This is also something to keep in mind when buying. Not in love with the kitchen of your new potential home? Before discounting it and moving onto the next home, take a closer look. What don’t you like about the kitchen? If it’s cosmetic or has anything to do with the cabinets themselves, there may be another option. Here are a few fun ones to consider:

Two Tone Cabinets photography by DESIGN SPONGE

photography by DESIGN SPONGE

Two-tone design

Sometimes a coat of paint is all you need. Break up the look of your kitchen by painting the top cabinets one color and the bottom another. You can also paint the doors one color and the frame another. There’s more freedom and flexibility with paint and less risk and investment.

Open face cabinets

Do the cabinets seem to close off the kitchen? Consider removing some doors and having a few open cabinets. This is especially nice if you’re a decorator at heart and want to change up your own display every season or holiday. You may also consider replacing a few doors with glass. This will help lighten it up without completely exposing what’s inside.


Refacing means replacing all of the doors and drawer covers and covering all of the exposed trim with a veneer to match.  This is the most costly of our options, but door style  can make a big impact on the look and feel of your kitchen. Door hardware is also an opportunity to give your kitchen a fresh look. Sometimes, the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

What other options have you seen or heard about to freshen up your kitchen? Post them in the comment space below. We’d love to hear from you!

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