Dangerous wallboards

There was an interesting article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune this weekend for homeowner and homebuyers alike. A reader wrote in with the following question:

I’ve heard about wallboard from China that is causing problems in new houses. How do I know if I might have it?

You’ll have to visit the Strib for the whole answer – but the good news is that this problem isn’t as common in Minnesota as other parts of the US but apparently homes with drywall work done from 2004-2008 should be paying attention. The problem was that the drywall was contaminated with sulfur compounds, causing it to emit sulfur dioxide. Sometimes this emits an odor, but not always.

The bad news is that the way to find out if your wall boards are at risk you need to search for the “mad in china” tag on the back – easier to do with unfinished walls.

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