Don’t make the rookie home buyer mistakes

We take your home purchase very seriously. We want you to be happy on the day of closing – but also six months or five years later. We Don’t want to make the quick sale if that means you won’t be happy. So we’re not afraid to point out that your dream house is next door to a frat house or that we think the current owner has a cat for a reason. We know the ropes and we want to share our expertise with home buyers. So that you won’t make any of the 10 Rookie Home Buyer Mistakes Avoid highlighted by a recent article in the US News & World Report:

1. Not checking your credit report and score
2. Not getting preapproved
3. Not creating a long-term budget
4. Forgetting about the hidden costs
5. Not using professional help
6. Picking your real estate agent and lender blindly
7. Thinking you’ll get everything on your “wish list”
8. Not keeping your feelings in check before hiring a home inspector
9. Not researching your neighborhood
10. Not considering the resale value of your home

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