Get a Home Buyer Agent!

It’s not just our best advice, HUD is advising the same in the latest version of their HUD Booklet for homebuyers. NAEBA, the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents, views this as an important element of the new era of home buying.

“‘We are pleased to see that the wisdom of having someone in your corner and on
your side is being conveyed to buyers by HUD. Because most real estate agents
represent Sellers, HUD emphasizes, and the National Association of Exclusive
Buyers Agents stresses, that it is a Buyer’s responsibility to find an agent who
will represent their best interests in their real estate transaction.” said
Benjamin Clark, 2010 President of NAEBA.

At the Buyer Real Estate Group, we have long supported the idea of exclusive buyer agents to help us focus on the needs of our home buyers. We save buyers money, we help them get the best purchase agreement possible and we can help them find what they want in a home. We’re focused on the buyers, not the home. If you’re looking for a home in Minnesota, we hope you’ll check us out!

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