Stress-free Moves

RIS Media just posted 12 great tips to make your move simple and stress free. Check out the article for the details – but here’s a quick version:

  1. Choose a type of move. – DIY or fully outsourced?
  2. Hire a quality mover
  3. Declutter – don’t move anything you don’t need or want
  4. Be flexible – different dates get different rates
  5. Save on boxes – ask the moving company about used boxes
  6. Save on packing materials – use what you have
  7. Mail books – book rates are great!
  8. Consider consolidation – maybe there’s someone
  9. Insure it – check your homeowners insurance
  10. Be prepared – know where the boxes should go
  11. Stake your claim – if you’re moving for a job talk about expenses
  12. Tip – $3-5 per mover per hour is the going rate

Submitted by Minnesota Realtor Lee Fisher

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