10 Signs of Buyer’s Remorse After Buying a Home

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The purchase of a new home is a difficult decision. It is hard to know for sure whether you’re going to like the home or the new neighborhood until after you’ve moved in. There are times when someone buys a home and regrets the decision shortly afterwards. Here are 10 signs to watch for, when you suspect a case of buyer’s remorse.

  1. Unpacked boxes – Is their garage still filled with unpacked boxes several weeks later? Does it seem like they are in no hurry to settle into the new home? These could be indications of buyer’s remorse.
  2. No décor on the walls – Are they taking their time about hanging pictures on the walls and putting out the family photos? This could be another sign of uncertainty about the new home.
  3. Scanning the real estate section – Are they still scanning the real estate section daily after their purchase? If they’re still looking, that would give some indication that there is some dissatisfaction which their choice.
  4. Seeking affirmation – Do they seem to be looking for others to reassure them that they’ve made the right decision? This could indicate the uncertainty they are feeling. Another sign of buyer’s remorse.
  5. Use of PO Box – If they choose to have their mailing address changed to a P.O. Box instead of having the mail delivered to the new address, this could be a sign that they are uncertain about whether they will be staying at the new address.
  6. No house warming – Have your friends always made a big dealing about moving into a new house by throwing a big house warming party? If that doesn’t seem to be happening this time around, that could be another sign that they are experiencing some buyer’s remorse.
  7. Visits to real estate open houses – Are they continuing to visit real estate open houses after they signed the deal on the new home? That would be another indicator of uncertainty about their decision.
  8. New For Sale sign – Has the old For Sale sign been replaced with a new one? This is a definite ‘sign’ (forgive the pun) that there is some big dissatisfaction going on within the home.
  9. No invites to visit – Do your friends seem slow to start showing off their new home? Most people are excited to show off their new digs. This could be a sign that they aren’t happy with their purchase.
  10. Furniture in storage – Did they move some of their furniture into storage instead of into the house? This could mean that they don’t expect to be staying in the new home very long and may be looking for another place before giving their furniture a permanent home.

Of course, some of these signs could be present simply due to the busyness of moving and procrastination in getting settled. A new For Sale sign would probably be the most definite clue.

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