Buying a New Home? Think about Water Conditioning to keep that New Home Feeling Longer

For most of us, our home is the biggest investment we will ever make. The day of closing, home buyers are excited and nervous. Will the house live up to expectations? Can I keep my costs low? Will I be happy here?
Keith White, President of Aquarius Water Conditioning & Plumbing Inc. has a suggestion, “Installing a water conditioning system can help set the stage to keep you and your home healthy, clean and saving money. Whole house water treatment systems offer whole body benefits. We have a wide range of Kinetico® water conditioning systems to meet your needs and suit your new home.”

A soft water conditioning system:

  • Cuts down on cleaning time and costs
  • Keeps clothes cleaner and brighter
  • Helps keep dishes spot-free
  • Helps prevent soap scum and hard water deposits on bathroom fixtures
  • Helps protect against plumbing problems such as mineral scale build-up and pinhole leaks from acid water issues
  • Contributes to longer appliance life—appliances using soft water can last 30 percent longer
  • Saves on energy costs—water heaters function 30 percent more efficiently with soft water

    Less time cleaning, longer appliance life, energy cost savings will help your new home live up to expectations.

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