Clever ways to save money on your house now and later

A house is the biggest investment most of us will ever make. So how can you enjoy it and keep it in good shape? We have some tips to share from House Logic

  1. Take shorter showers – saves on water bills now but more importantly reduces the risk of mildew. In fact run the exhaust while you shower and squeegee after and you’ll be in great shape.
  2. Let the sun shine – especially in the winter. Closing the shades, you’re missing the natural warmth from the sun. But keeping the shades closed at night might keep the warmth in – and the neighbors out!
  3. Don’t save the quick dollar. Know when you spend a little for quality – especially in terms of resale. Buyers like to buy quality appliances – and many are energy efficient.
  4. Only run the dishwasher when it’s full.
  5. Go easy on the mulch. Too much of a good thing can Damage the foliage.
  6. Don’t be too fast to remodel. Live in the house for a while first. That window may have seemed high until you learned the neighbors were bright light folks.
  7. Quit saving everything. Clutter doesn’t make you happy or sell your house!
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