Electronic Recycling

According to RIS Media

It is estimated that 85% of electronics that can be recycled or donated aren’t.

Do you have anything in your house that can be recycled? Locally there is a great nonprofit that will take any computers you might have on hand: PCs for People will take your computer, remove your private info, install new operating system and turn it around to sell it for a very low cost to a family in need. And they do it all with employees who are gaining workplace skills while getting off of public assistance.

The RIS Media article provides some other suggestions too. Goodwill will accept a wide range of electronics.

There are several organizations that will help you recycle your old cell phones:

  • ReCellular, is one of the world’s leading recyclers and resellers of cell phones.
  • Cell Phones for Soldiers is another organization you can donate your old cell phone to. They provide prepaid calling cards for U.S. troops stationed overseas with every donated cell phone they receive.
  • March of Dimes, Keep America Beautiful and Call To Protect are other non-profits that collect cell phones for their missions.

Submitted by Minneapolis Real Estate Agent, Mary Rugani.

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