Flood Advice

The floods in southern Minnesota have been devastating. It has been horrific to see the pictures of the areas. While most of the Twin Cities is removed from harm’s way, we wanted to share some tips for homeowners who are concerned about floods or even just a flooded basement.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently ran an article (Safety tips help dry out, clean up flooded home) that was full of good tips for cleaning up after a flood. Tops include unplugging all electronics, remove as much water as possible with a bucket, towel or shop vacuum. Clean and sanitize the area, and elevate any furniture or other belongings.

You might also want to consider flood insurance. FEMA has a web site for homeowners to learn about flood insurance including how to prepare for natural disasters, how to get involved, and how to protect yourself and your property.

When looking for a home, you want to consider flood potential as well as potential of water damage – both from rain and snow. An exclusive buyer agent can you help recognize the signs of trouble and the signs of a sturdy house.

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