Happy Gardening

It is just about that time of year when all of us gardeners are anxiously waiting to get out in our gardens. Since moving into my home four years ago I have become an avid perennial gardener. I had always had my share of hostas, but I finally have a place where I can have a true perennial garden. That means I have a variety of plants that come up every year.

It is always a surprise to see which ones have endured our winter and which ones I will have to replace. When planting perennials you have to be careful to buy ones that will grow and survive our cold weather. They are labeled according to zones and you must find ones that are hardy in our zone. As I look out my kitchen window I see the remnants of last year’s garden and soon will be out there raking away the dead leaves and plant parts and waiting to see signs of life as the temps rise and the sun get stronger.

Happy gardening from Renei Schmitz!

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