How to Hang a Picture

You’ve moved into your new house. You bought your furniture and you’ve move in – yet is still looks like someone else’s house. Think about adding some art. Here are some tips to hanging pictures in your house:

First, find a friend to help. Two head are better than one here. You’ll need one to hold and one to judge. The job is easier if you spend the time you need at the onset rather than re-start once the picture is hung.

Second, find a place on the wall. Horizontally, you’ll want to start by aiming the picture center at your own eye level. It’s not an exact science, but if you start there you can modify to suit your own tastes.

Third, create a blueprint. Mark a spot on the wall at the top, center of the picture. On the picture, measure the distance between the top of the picture and the wire hanging the picture. Mark that distance on the wall, starting from the mark you made earlier.

Grab a hammer, a small hammer and put a nail into the spot you’ve marked. If your wall is created from dry wall, you may want to choose your spot carefully. Once it’s hung, sit back and enjoy the art.

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