Keeping warm when the mercury dips

We love Minnesota. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t but we’re also happy to get some tips on how to keep warm. RISMedia just came out with a list of tips; some will save money, some will save friends and some will save lives.

It starts with the most important reminders: Be safe! Don’t use an oven or fire to heat your own. Be sure to keep an eye on space heaters.

Then: Be smart! Eliminate drafts. Keep doors closed, especially to rooms you don’t use or plan to heat. Turn down the thermostat when you can to avoid high heating bills.

Finally: Be a good neighbor! Be sure to check on friends, family and neighbors in the cold weather. Make sure they are safe and sound. Offer to get them groceries when you’re out yourself, especially if they find it difficult to move in the bad weather. (This might include new parents as well as the elderly!)

Submitted by Minnesota Home Buyer Agent Mary Rugani
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