Local Pet Regulations

Do you own a pet? Are you moving to the area or even just moving from one city to another? If so you might want to check into the municipal pet licensing rules. Both St Paul and Minneapolis have different processes, prices and procedures for licensing local pets. It worth learning more as according to the Twin Cities Daily Planet, licensed pets are three times more likely to be returned to their owners than unlicensed pets, if they go missing.

Minneapolis has an online pet licensing system that allow owners to apply for tags for their dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets from their own keyboard. Dogs and cats in Minneapolis cost $50 to license each year. However, that cost drops to $30 with proof of sterilization.

St Paul has a form online that must be printed and mailed in to license dogs; they do not license cats. St. Paul owners pay $55 a year for each dog, but that drops to $11 with proof of sterilization.

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