Minnesota: Home to the Home Concerts

There’s a trend out that that’s keeping Minnesotans sining – it’s private concerts held in homes, garages, anywhere… According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, it’s a new trend…

House concerts are a folk tradition that’s as old as “Oh! Susanna.” But nowadays they’re the stage for pop performers, too — everyone from Wilco’s revered Jeff Tweedy to Canada’s Be Good Tanyas to your neighbor’s aspiring singer/songwriter college student. Other arts — dance, theater and even visual arts — are being presented in Minnesota houses, apartments and back yards, as well.

These alternative gigs are less a response to tough economic times than a grass-roots strategy of reaching and building an audience. The Twin Cities blog Cake in 15 has been hosting 35-seat house concerts for indie-rock hipsters. And living-room performances have become special-occasion events for baby boomers who don’t see much live music beyond arena concerts by old heroes like Elton John or James Taylor.

“There is a network of 300 to 400 people [around the country] who host events on a monthly basis; they’re amateur promoters,” says DiNizio, who will do 70 to 80 living-room gigs this year. “These house concerts are not for every artist. Not all of them have the right temperament.”

It’s just another way that the Twin Cities stands out a little in terms of entertainment for all types. If it’s something that strikes you, you can check out the Star Tribune’s tips for home concerts.

Submitted by Minnesota REALTOR Mary Rugnai

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