Perfect Picnic – Minnehaha

Located on the border of Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnehaha is convenient to folks in both cities. Also it’s got something for everyone. Got a big family? Minnehaha has plenty of picnic tables and grills? Got a really big family or afraid of rain? Minnehaha also has a pavilion. Don’t feel like cooking or even packing sandwiches? In the middle of the park is a terrific seafood restaurant called Sea Salt.

Sea Salt is a very casual place, where you line up to order food and they bring out to you at one of the nearby picnic tables. The clam strips are tasty – the beer is always cold!

Minnehaha has a playground for kids. You can rent a bicycle built for two, or one or six! But the highlight is the walk around the Minnehaha Falls. You really get a feel for the recent weather when you see whether the falls are gushing or trickling – but it’s kind of a thrill either way.
They are working on some of the wading areas – but just east of the park, next to the old Vet’s hospital is a perfect wading pool for small kids.
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