Resources for Homeowners

Some REALTORS think that they’re job is done when the house is purchased – but like the Energizer Bunny – we keep on going. We want to see you in your dream house – but more than that we want to see you happy in that home. So we keep a Rolodex of helpful names – as one client of BREG REALTOR, Mary Rugani, learned this week…

Mary –

Thanks for referring me to ‘Ron the Sewer Rat’ yesterday evening. Their service was prompt, professional, and competitively priced. I called them Monday evening and they had someone working my issue right away on Tuesday morning. They not only cleared my mainline of tree roots, but also evaluated the condition of the pipe, and provided several maintenance tips. Without hesitation, I would use them again!

Regards –

Ron the Sewer Rat is one of many resources we have listed in on our web site in the RESOURCES FOR HOMEOWNERS section.

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