Reuse in Renovation

Did you know that construction waste makes up as much as 25-50% of the junk in landfills? According to RIS Media, that’s at last one factor that has fed into a new home improvement trend to “dismantle” as opposed to “demolish.” A related factor is local government interest in reducing that feed into landfill. Municipalities are offering cheaper or faster permits for deconstruction, rather than demolition. There are even businesses that will help the deconstruction process by recycling kitchens and other rooms for homeowners…

It might be hard to believe that homeowners would replace kitchens that are in good shape, but “they want the kitchen they want,” said Green Demolitions founder Steve Feldman. His pitch: By donating the old kitchen to his company, homeowners can save the disposal costs, plus get a tax deduction because Green Demolitions’ profits go to support addiction treatment programs.

Last year Green Demolitions sold 600 kitchens; Those who buy the old kitchens and other materials at Green Demolitions or the ReStores find discounts of 50-80%. Submitted by exclusive buyer agent, Mary Rugani.

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