Sewer Problems are NO FUN!!

About three weeks ago I decided on a Sunday to wash a few loads of clothes. When I went down to check on the second load to my surprise I found about a half inch of water that had backed up from the drain in the basement floor. After trying to get someone one to look at it (remember it is Sunday) I gave up and waited until Monday morning. That means no flushing of toilets, washing of dishes, or showers. Get the picture??

Monday my sewer guy arrived about ten in the morning and at two in the afternoon he told me that he could not get it unplugged and that the next day he would be back with a scope to “take a look at the problem”. This would also be an additional $200+ depending on how long it took.

Fortunately a neighbor mentioned that the city where I live in does the “colonoscopy of the sewer” as I have named it!! And they do it for FREE- I was very happy to hear this. So Tuesday came and let me tell you I have seen more of my sewer than I care to see, the city determined that it was blocked at the street, with tree roots. There are no trees in the middle of the street, but the roots from the trees go everywhere. So the sewer guy spent another 4 hours and finally broke through.

What I learned from this experience is this: have your sewer line cleaned every couple of years, only use single ply toilet paper and biodegradable. Put NOTHING down your toilet, but what comes out of your body and the toilet paper, no Kleenex, wipes, etc. After spending nearly $400 we have a clean sewer!!!

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