Thinking Remodel?

National Realty News recently published an article about remodeling. They had a nice list of questions to ask yourself before you think about remodeling but it was the facts and figures that I found most interesting.

Here’s the ROI they reported for some popular improvements:

  • Kitchens – often become dated sooner than any other room due to wear and tear – 92.9%.
  • Bathrooms – they have changed the most over the years – 90.1%; adding a bathroom yields 86.4%.
  • Family rooms – adding one will return approximately 80.6%.
  • Bedrooms – adding an additional bedroom results in an 82.75% return; a master suite approximately 80.1%.
  • Decks – average ROI here is 86.7%.
  • Windows – add “volume” to a home and yield a surprising 84.5%.
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