Tip for Blinds

I was over at my daughters a few weeks ago and noticed that the blinds in her kitchen area that were on her sliding glass door were not working properly. They were hanging kind of crooked and she said they don’t pull up evenly and the cord was broken, she was planning on replacing them, but knew it would be expensive so was just going to “live with it for a while”.

I told her I would see if I would get them repaired as I know someone who repairs blinds. I took the blind down, took them to Gopher State Venetian Blind Inc., two days later I picked them up and put them back up. Needless to say she was very pleased!!

I have used Gopher State before and have always had good service. This is a one person business so you just have to leave a message, but she is very prompt about returning calls and excellent service. She is located in Fridley, and her phone number is 763-780-2267. In this economy we are all trying to make our dollar stretch, certainly repairing is less expensive than buying new!!

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