Tornado Preparedness

It’s been a terrible year for tornadoes. You have to remind yourself and family what to do when bad weather comes. But unlike a few places that have been hit – we are prepared here in Minnesota with a warning system in place and basements. RISMedia has recently posted some great advice…

Tornado Safety
Here are ways you can protect yourself and your family if a tornado threatens:
• Before the storm:
– Develop a plan of action
– Have frequent drills
– Have a NOAA weather radio with a warning alarm tone
– Listen to weather information
– If planning a trip outdoors, listen to forecasts
• In homes or small buildings:
– Go to the basement or an interior room on the lowest floor (i.e., closet or bathroom). Upper floors are unsafe
– Wrap yourself in overcoats or blankets to protect yourself from flying debris
• In schools, hospitals, factories or shopping centers:
– Go to interior rooms and halls on the lowest floor. Stay away from glass-enclosed places or areas with wide-span roofs such as auditoriums and warehouses
– Crouch down and cover your head. Don’t take shelter in halls that open to the south or the west. Centrally located stairwells are another good shelter
• In mobile homes:– Abandon them immediately and go to a designated shelter or ditch. Most fatalities occur in mobile homes or vehicles.
• In automobiles:
– If possible, get out and go to a sturdy structure or ditch
– If there isn’t time, buckle your seat belt and get below window level of your vehicle

Submitted by Minnesota exclusive home buyer agent, Mary Rugani.

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