It’s tough out there. Twin Cities home sellers are languishing, waiting for the “just right” home buyer to come along. While home buyers in Minneapolis and St. Paul alike are restricted by more stringent mortgage requirements. It’s going to take a while for the pendulum to return to the middle.

In the meantime, it might be best for some Twin Cities home owners to just stay put. In the spirit of making your house the home you’re looking for, the city of Minneapolis is hosting the Midwest Fall Home and Garden show at the Minneapolis Convention Center. You’ll get so many home design and gardening ideas, you’ll go home and take out the tool box. (or the telephone to call your contractor!)
Let Buyers Real Estate Group be your host. Contact us for free tickets.

And, what about a downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul condo? Lots of folks are buying an “urban cabin”, or looking to stream line their life style by buying a Minneapolis or St. Paul condo, or making a condo their first home. Condo sale prices have increased by almost 6% market wide, while inventory has decreased by almost 10%. Want to check out condos and lofts? Check out the Twin Cities Loft and Condo Living Tour in November.

Make sure you let us be your host and your guide. Even if you’re just looking, make sure you don’t get caught dealing with the builder’s agent. That’s NOT in your best interests. Call us for your FREE tickets and set up a time to go.

Don’t forget, you can get creative design ideas, travel destinations, gardening tips and fabulous recipes from my online By Design magazine.

Submitted by Susan Hofflander
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