BREG buyers in NY Times

Today can be a great time to buy a house. It’s a great time if you’re a first time home buyer. It’s a great time if you’ve been realistic with your finances. It’s a great time to take advantage of Federal loans and initiatives set up to get people into homes.

Alison Nowak and Lacey Mamak worked with Buyers Real Estate Group agent Mary Rugani to take advantage of all of their opportunities. They recently bought a small home near the Windom neighborhood in Minneapolis.

Not only did they get a great home – they got featured in the New York Times as a couple who made the right move at the right time.

Buying a home in any economy can be risky. A buyers-only real estate agent can help you hedge your bets. A buyer’s agent knows the ins and outs of housing market initiatives and she’s there to make sure that your best interests are met in the purchasing transaction.

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