Building Green

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) will launch the NAHB National Green Building Program February 14 at the 2008 NAHB International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Florida. The national initiative will link dozens of state and local green building programs with a universal online certification tool, national registry of green homes and green builders, and educational tools and resources for home builders and home buyers.

About 100,000 green homes have been built through programs run or supported by local building associations around the country. A recent survey by NAHB of registered voters discovered some interesting facts about the green trend.

  • 78 percent of respondents would be more inclined to purchase a green home if the government offered incentives or rebates.
  • 44 percent of respondents said they would be much more inclined to buy a green home if incentives were available.
  • Among those who said they would be prepared to pay more for a home with green features, 74 percent said they’d be willing to pay no more than an additional 10 percent, highlighting the need to keep green building affordable.

Source: National Association of Home Builders

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