Do I need an Inspection?

Here’s the short answer – YES!

RISMedia just ran a nice article on the why’s and how’s to get a home inspection. Starting with the why…

“Our experience and research shows that approximately 40% of resale homes have
at least one defect that can cost a home buyer a minimum of $500 to repair,” said Kathleen Kuhn, President of HouseMaster.“A home inspection by a professional and qualified home inspector is an excellent tool to encourage home sellers to make repairs or make further price adjustments as a result of conditions noted in the inspection report.”

Then they offer four bits of advice:

1. Inspect the Inspector.

2. Ask for a sample of a report.

3. Inspect ancillary systems.

4. Go along on the inspection.

Submitted by Home Buyer Real Estate Agent, Mary Rugani

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One Response to Do I need an Inspection?

  1. Roger says:

    So true. I did an inspection last Sat. (4-17) where I recommended further investigation of potential water intrusion at 4 windows on the front of an 18 year house with brick veneer wainscoting. These windows had a deteriorated seal which looked like it might permit water to go behind the brick. Also the siding and shutters were buckled where the siding met the top of the brick. We were permitted to do an invasive investigation 3 days later. The contractor estimated repair would be about 15 -20 thousand dollars. The seller was completely unaware of the damage. Yes you need an inspection. Experience matters. Look for an inspector who has years of experience and spends 3 or more hours at the house to do a thorough job. Certified ASHI inspectors are a good choice.

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