Placing a Contingency Bid

The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently ran an article (The contingency conundrum) about buyers who get into the trap of bidding on a home before they have sold their own home. One tactic is to place a contingency on your bid that relies on you selling your home before you buy a new home.

The contingency route I snot a perfect world. There are pros and cons for the buyer and seller.

From a buyer’s perspective a contingent offer can be better than no offer at all. It does get you in line to buy a home while eliminating the risk of paying 2 mortgages. For many people the stress of placing a non-contingent offer and running the risk of owning 2 homes is more stress than they want to experience. A contingency offer can also be the motivator a buyer needs to market their current home.

The downside of a contingency offer is that a seller won’t always accept it. Also you often need to bid full price or provide increased earnest money to sweeten your contingency offer.

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