Spring Clean Your Finances

shWe’ve closed the door on January but many of us are still suffering financial hangovers from a wild holiday. Here are some quick steps to help you clean up your finances.

  • Open your bills and commit to at least paying the minimum each month. That will stop the finance charges from accruing.
  • Contact the creditors if you know that you can’t make the payments. Being proactive and continuing to make whatever payment you can, will help.
  • Look at the interest rate on your cards. Try to shift the balance to the cards with the lowest interest rates.
  • Start using cash to stop the debt from increasing.
  • Assess your current spending. If you haven’t been to the gym in 6 months, consider canceling the membership. Use the gym payments to pay off a credit card.

It might not sound like fun, but getting your finances in order can be the first step towards buying your first home! When you’re ready call an exclusive home buyer agent to help you make smart decisions for your new home.

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