Three Tips for Today’s Market

The Wall Street Journal just ran an interesting article (Playing the Housing Slump) that outlines three ways to make the most of today’s housing market. Be forewarned, these are generally tips for homebuyers, not investors.

Trading up. Now is a good time to trade up to a new house. Sure, you might not get top dollar for your home but you won’t be spending top dollar either.

Doubling down. Now is a great time to buy a second home or vacation home – especially if that doesn’t require selling current property. The prices are low and mortgage rates are low.

Helping hand. Now is a good time to help adult children into their own homes. If they are currently renting, it will help them financially to make the investment. If they are living in your basement, it just might be a nice time to help them out of the nest.

Submitted by Susan Hofflander

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