Ugliest House of the Year

OK, here’s an award that few want to receive – but we thought it was kind of fun. Apparently there is a contest and the winner was announce early last month in Las Vegas at the second annual Ugliest House contest. (OK, with our cold weather lately I might enter an ugliest house competition just for a trip to the desert!)

The winner of the popular – or maybe unpopular vote – as from Chicago. It was ugly – here’s a quote from the application: “From the street, it looked like something that would be called “Old Man Bob’s Haunted House” – it was falling apart, a downed tree graced the backyard and not a stalk of grass could be seen on the property (apparently, the grass was too scared to grow in this property.)”

The contest is run by the “We Buy Ugly Houses” people and the happy ending is that the ugliest home – and many others – have been cleaned up and sold or sold and cleaned up by these guys. Well, that’s happy if the buyer is OK with it. To make sure you’re not about to buy the ugliest house – get an exclusive buyer agent in your corner!

There were no ugly contenders from Minnesota.

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