Chanhassen: Parks, parks and more parks southwest of Minneapolis

Minneapolis and St. Paul are known for some of the best parks in the nation. Quantity and quality are both impressive, but it doesn’t stop with the Twin Cities. The suburbs also have  great offerings. Let’s take Chanhassen for instance.

Located 3o minutes southwest of Minneapolis, Chanhassen has 12 lakes within its city limits as well as a 500-acre park system complete with over 20 different parks. Here’s a quick sample from Chanhassen’s website. Click here to view the full list of parks.

View of Lake Minnewashta

View of Lake Minnewashta

Power Hill Park, 8702 Flamingo Drive
This 22-acre park features a picnic shelter, large sledding hill, open field, play area, basketball court, neighborhood trail connections, and off-street parking.
Rice Marsh Lake Park, 8119 Erie Circle
This four-acre park offers a picnic shelter, playground, ball field, basketball court, off-street parking, and a 3.4 mile trail loop around Rice Marsh Lake.

Riley Ridge Park, 8959 Reflections Road
This 19-acre park is comprised of a combination of woodlands, wetlands, and active play areas.  The park opened in 2013 and features a large playground, picnic shelter, basketball half-court, sledding hill, trail loop, and off-street parking.

Roundhouse Park, 3950 Kings Road

This eight-acre park features the Roundhouse park building, winter skating, playground, beach on Lake Minnewashta, picnic shelter, walking trail, fishing pier, and open field. Off-street parking is available.

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is also located in Chanhassen’s and is a nice extension of the park offerings spanning 1,100 acres. Who wouldn’t want to live near such a beautiful site or in an area filled with so many great parks?

If you’re interested in this area near Minneapolis, keep your eyes out as the homes don’t last long. If you’d like an additional set of eyes or have any questions, contact Buyers Real Estate Group. We’d be happy to let you know as houses become available in the Chanhassen area.

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