Eden Prairie – West Round Lake: One of the friendliest neighborhoods in the Twin Cities

Round Lake, Eden Prairie MN

View of Round Lake

Eden Prairie’s West Round Lake is one of the friendliest neighborhoods we’ve been to. Our team recently visited this area and was really impressed. It is friendly in every sense of the word.

Friendly Faces
Take a walk around Round Lake and anyone you pass is pleasant. They’ll say hi and ask how you’re doing. Even if you’re not a familiar face, they are so welcoming. Sometimes it can be tough being new to a neighborhood and meeting new people, but in Round Lake Eden Prairie, that should not be a problem. Everyone is smiling and the energy is very positive.

Round Lake Trails - Eden Prairie, MN

Taking a walk in Round Lake Park

Round Lake Park Playground - Eden Prairi, MN

Round Lake Park Playground

There are several walking paths, but the best is the path around Round Lake. It’s a beautiful view and extremely pet friendly. 50% of people out and about had their pets along and were having a great time being outside. The walkways are wide enough for people and pets going opposite directions to have plenty of comfortable space as they pass each other. Many of the walking trails even lead up to the neighborhoods themselves making it extremely convenient to go for a quick jog or take the dog for a walk.

Kid-Friendly  – Round Lake Park features a beautiful playground with fun features the kids will love. This Minnesota neighborhood would be a great choice for raising a family.

Bike-Friendly – Eden Prairie trails are great for feet or wheels. As it starts to warm up, we’re seeing more and more residents riding bike along the trails soaking up the beautiful weather.

Family-Friendly  – Located less than 20 miles from Minneapolis, Eden Prairie is close to all of the action and has plenty of its own as well. Its most recent excitement was the Ice Castles. They also host several fairs and festivals each year, are big supporters of the arts and encourage family fun throughout the city.

In our book, it really is one of the friendliest neighborhoods in the Twin Cities. One resident says “the people are all the reason you need to live here and be happy. It’s just a great community of people.” How great is that?

Houses in this area range anywhere from 150k to 500k+ making it affordable for any budget. If you’d like to learn more about this neighborhood or others, contact Buyers Real Estate Group! We’d love to help you find your dream home in a neighborhood you love.

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