Buyers Market

The housing market has been, well, strange lately – but not unfitting with the times around us. Lawrence Yun, National Association of REALTORS chief economist recently said, “Conditions have been aligning very favorably for home buyers with the exception of consumer confidence. But I am hopeful that sales will turn around by late spring and early summer because history suggests that home sales can rise even in times of job losses when housing affordability rises.”
January saw a big stall in the market and buyer waited to see what would shake out in the federal stimulus packages – but people are starting to buy again. Spring is traditionally a time of greater home sales in the Midwest.

This spring might be the right time for you – or a friend to look at purchasing a home. There are some great incentives, especially for first time home buyers. The prices are low and sellers are motivated to make a deal.

We continue to work only with home buyers, maximizing your buying advantage is our top priority.

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