Minnesota Housing Marketing IS Good

I have been attending Real Estate education classes. It’s been very interesting to hear some of the positive perspectives on today’s housing and mortgages markets. Here is some of the news I wanted to share:

  • We are at an interest rate lower than a year ago especially on the 30 year fixed.
  • 98 % of all mortgages in our country ARE paid on time!!!
  • There are lots of buyers looking and looking (observed during the traditional method of “open houses.”)
  • We are a cautious consumer especially right now. Maybe we (sellers and buyers) are being greedy since we seem to have experienced such interesting times in housing lately.
  • This IS a good market. Maybe not for everyone. No market is.
  • There will not be a bell ringing when we hit bottom in pricing of real estate nor a bell ringing saying interest rates are going to go up.
  • A full time educated participating Realtor is a resource especially now.

Submitted by Mary Rugani

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