Perfect Picnic Place – Como

Been to the Como zoo in the last few years? If not – check it out. They have done a tremendous amount of work on the zoo. It’s not the Como Zoo of our childhood at all. One word of warning – the Polar Bears are getting a new home this year and during the transition they have been temporarily move to a new zoo. We found that out the hard way. But aside from the Polar Bears, you’ll see all of your old favorites.

There’s a really nice cafeteria in the zoo now too. OK, “really nice” in zoo terms – but you know what we REALTORS like it’s say – location, location, location – and you just can’t beat lunch in the zoo for something different.

But Como is more than the zoo. Right next to the zoo is the conservatory, which is beautiful. Not that we care in the summer – but in the winter the conservatory can be a respite for a cold body – it’s always warm and humid. So you might file that away for next January.

Como Lake is in full form for the summer. It’s the perfect size for a lunchtime walk. Or you can take a quick dip at the beach. Bring a blanket and your picnic and you’ll find a ton fo places to set down. Feeling ambitious? You could even rent a pontoon. It would be like a tiny vacation.

Got more than an hour for lunch? You could play a full round of golf at Como at the public golf course. The truth is you could have a picnic at Como every day for a week and have a very different experience each time

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