Perfect Picnic Place – St Catherine’s University

Do you live in St Paul? Maybe around Mac Groveland or Highland? St. Catherine’s University (formerly the College of St Catherine) is a great place for a quiet picnic. On the western end of campus – near Randolph and Cleveland there is a small pond with a ton of ducks.

If you’re over ten it’s just a nice place to kick back with a book, catch some rays and enjoy a quiet lunch. (There’s a cafeteria – but we usually bring our own. Sometimes we just pick up a baguette and deli meats from nearby Lund’s – or you could pick up a readymade sandwich from Cecil’s, one of best kosher delis in the Cities!)

If you’re under ten (or with kids) be sure to bring bread for the duck and fish. Also you might want to bring a container for toads, if you’re the kind of family who lets a kid bring a toad home.
Just be sure to be respectful. It’s a campus after all, not an official picnic ground.

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