Best Performing Cities Index

The James J Hill Library is one resource that makes the Twin Cities a “best performing” area. They recently sent out a “site of the week” that we thought would interest anyone thinking about relocating. Five Minnesota locations make their tops lists.

Here’s what Hill had to say about the resource:

Best Performing Cities Index

If we were looking for proof that location, location, location is important in the success of a business venture, we’d find it in the Best Performing Cities Index.

The Index separately ranks large and small cities “by how well they are creating and sustaining jobs and economic growth.” Take a look at your location and compare it to the national average on job, wage, and high-tech GDP growth. Then peruse the overall ranked list of cities, or create your own rankings based on several categories.

This location, location, location is more “regional economy” than “street corner,” but as a small business, knowing about trends in the surrounding economy can be just as important as picking the right storefront.

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