Thinking about college? Minnesota colleges rank well.

Access to education is a good reason to move to the Twin Cities. We have worked with many college grads who have moved to the area for school and decided to stay because the Twin Cities is a great place to live. But for those who know it’s a great place to live and need the stats on business reasons to stay – education is one of them.

MinnPost recently ran an article on the latest federal scorecard tool that makes is easy to see how Twin Cities school rank. Turns out that the University of Minnesota is a good bet. Tuition is right about national average at $17,208 per year yet the graduation rate (74 percent) and salary after attending ($47,800) are both higher than national average.

Community college and for-profit schools did not fare as well…

Community colleges and private, for-profit schools account for the lowest graduation rates. At Minneapolis Community and Technical College, only 15 percent finished. Nineteen percent graduated from Century College. A dismal 12 percent completed degrees at the Twin Cities campus of the for-profit University of Phoenix — despite annual costs north of $20,000

But several of the area private schools scored well. University of St Thomas, University of St Catherine, Bethel, Hamline, Augsburg, Macalester all rank above average – to be fair for tuition as well as gradution percentage and post-graduate salaries.

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