Selecting a Home

Once you and your lender have determined how much you will be spending on a purchase price, it’s time to go out and look at some properties. You will need to meet with your agent to set up your criteria so your agent can create a property search file. Your agent will show you information about properties and you may choose which ones you would like to see.

As the searches are completed, your agent will need to call to establish if the property is still available, arrange an itinerary and make calls to arrange showing appointments. Then, the seller’s agent will call the sellers to make the appointments, the sellers call back and the seller’s agent calls the buyer’s agent to confirm the appointment. This does take some time, so a rule of thumb is to allow your agent 24 hours to make all of these arrangements.

As you look at houses, you will develop a discriminating eye about what you like and don’t like in a home and what is acceptable and what isn’t. Your agent will provide feedback on what they know to be true about different components of the home. It is important for buyers to be candid about their impressions of a property in order for your agent to best serve your interests. Because we are Exclusive Buyer Agents, there is no need to be cautious because this information will NEVER be shared with the seller, so your ability to negotiate will NEVER be compromised. You may view very few properties or perhaps more. It depends on your specific needs. Once you have found an acceptable property, it is time to make an offer on your home!

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