Today’s blog entry comes from a happy house builder who worked with Renei Schmitz, co-founder of Buyers Real Estatate Group:

Renei Schmitz was integral to me owning the beautiful home I am currently living in. Her involvement occurred eight years ago. I was recommended to talk with her before working with a builder for building my new home. I heeded the advice and brought her along on the first meeting. She expertly guided me through the process of putting money down on the lot and starting the process of designing the home.

The builder’s representative started explaining to me how I needed many cosmetic upgrades to “fit” into the neighborhood where I was building the home. These expensive upgrades were for 6 panel solid oak doors, hardwood floors, marble countertops, etc. During this presentation, I would look over at Renei and she would sit there and just listen to his sales pitch.

When he finished, he asked what “extras” I wanted to incorporate in the house designs. At that time, Renei spoke up and said that our biggest concern is increasing the footprint of the foundation and the upgrades could be put in at a later date. Renei had gotten to know me prior to this meeting and found out I was very handy with house projects.

Because of Renei’s expert advice and guidance through this process, we were able to add an additional 450 square feet on to the design of the house. And I have been able to add the upgrades to the house since then. I will definitely turn to Renei for future home buying.

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