Agents need to tell you who they represent

The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently ran an interesting article from the Washington Post (Some agents failing to make key disclosures) on a lawsuit in Washington where real estate agents failed to disclose whom they represent in transactions.

Agents frequently represent the property seller exclusively. But under “buyer agent” arrangements, they may represent the purchaser exclusively. It is the responsibility of the agent to tell a buyer immediately who they represent. Unfortunately that often does not happen.

At Buyers Real Estate Group our goal is to let people know that they have an option. Real estate agents can most effectively represent the buyer or the seller not both. Buyer agents exclusively represent the buyer – as buyer agents we always have the buyer’s needs in mind.

The advice in the article and our advice is always ask and make sure that the real estate agent you meet represents you before you disclose information on what you want or are prepared to spend.

Submitted by Mary Rugani

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