Are you ready to buy your first home? recently ran an article (8 signs you’re ready to buy your first home) outlining the signs that you are in deed ready for your first home. Here’s a brief synopsis, for a full account visit their article:

No. 1: You have a budget — and you know how to use it
No. 2: You have a sizeable down payment
No. 3: You have a reliable source of income
No. 4: You have an emergency savings fund
No. 5: You have your debts under control
No. 6: Your credit report is in good shape
No. 7: You can make a long-term commitment
No. 8: You are prepared to become your own landlord

If you’re ready, now is the time to get connected with an exclusive buyer agent — they work only with home buyers and will keep your best interests as their top priority!
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