Current Market Still Great for Buyers

Current Market Still Great for Buyers

Buyers Real Estate Group is still poised to help all buyers find the right home in the Twin Cities metro area, and, with the increasing inventory and mortgage rates still on the low side we are moving toward an even playing field between buyers and sellers.  This is great news for buyers as there is less likelihood of multiple offers.

The past few years have shown much growth which has slowed slightly this year making the home prices more stable and keeping the interest rates low.  Given this trend, our buyers are getting great deals and we are committed to ensuring that our buyers get the very best representation in making an EBA – Exclusive Buyer Agent their choice of realtor.  As Exclusive Buyers Agents we are committed to ensuring the deal is in favor of our buyers.  Only an EBA can offer you the highest level of service, as, with no listings ever, our agents are 100% for buyers 100% of the time and all deals are skewed in favor of the buyer. No other type of agency can promise that.

Recent sales have proven that our strategy works.  We recently saved a client over $35,000 in asking price with seller concessions, and, saved additional funds by getting the seller to commit to cover $5000 in deferred maintenance.  By negotiating well and getting complete inspections we save our clients a lot of money and safeguard their new purchase for their future enjoyment.

Other recent clients were helped by their Buyers Real Estate Group agent to purchase a new home when their were 7 offers on the home.  By providing a smart negotiation strategy, their Exclusive Buyer Agent got the notice of the sellers and negotiated a great deal with seller concessions toward closing costs, and, appliances including the washer, dryer, freezer, lawn mower, snow blower and garden tools.  Their offer was accepted even though it was not the highest bid, and the buyers got their dream home.

These are just some of the ways we save you money.  By keeping abreast of different lenders and their products we know best how to save you from unnecessary PMI or Private Mortgage Insurance, as well as expensive closing costs by alerting you to which lenders may offer loans without charging for loan origination, or, lenders who can allow you to wrap your closing costs into your loan.

The larger Real Estate firms do not perform this service and they often refer clients to their own lenders and closers that benefit their brokerage.  Buyers Real Estate Group has no affiliations with lenders, closers or other real estate related services.  Our benefit is serving our buyers well and getting referral business from those satisfied clients.

Consult with one of the Agents from Buyers Real Estate Group when you have questions about lending, housing, or if you need referrals to great services like listing your home for sale, insurance, renovation or other services.  We keep a great list of options on hand for all your needs and are happy to help with all your home needs.

We are poised to make your home purchase work for you now and in the years to come.  By buying well up front and maintaining your home well, you will reap dividends when you go to sell your home years from now.

Give us a call at 763-571-2575 or email our agent on call at today.  Let us help you get the home of your dreams.


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