Find a home in St Paul’s Highland Park: Golf course, shopping, good schools and families

highlandHighland Park is a residential neighborhood in St Paul. Highland High School and Junior High are the neighboring public schools but the community is also home to several private schools such as SPA and Cretin Derham Hall.

There’s a lovely 18-hole golf course. A park with an amazing sledding hills in the winter and plenty of sports planned in the summer. There’s commercial corner or “Village” with several restaurants, coffee shops, stores and services.

Families live here for generations – for the schools and the hometown feel. New residents are often drawn in by the proximity to the airport and both downtowns. And of course access to the Mississippi and natural beauty surrounding the River and the local parks and amenities.

Here are some of the stats from Wilder Foundation’s Community Data Works

Housing in 2000

  • The U.S. Census counted 10,620 occupied housing units in 2000.
  • 56% were owner-occupied (5,930 units) and 44% were rented (4,690 units).
  • 25% were built before 1940, 48% between 1940 and 1959, and 28% since 1960.
  • 80% of homes were heated with gas and 17% with electricity.
  • About 1% of households had no phone service.
  • 51% of the residents in this neighborhood had lived in the same home for at least five years.
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