Home Buyers are Gaining Advantage in Housing Market

USA Today (Home sales shifting into buyer’s market, Nov 16) reports that buyers are starting to control the housing market. Many home sellers seem slow to recognize or come to terms with this shift in trends so houses are often overpriced. This is indicated in a widening gap between the asking price and the final price.

This means houses are on the market longer and houses are not selling for the same high prices they were selling at over the summer and before. Both are good news for home buyers. It means you don’t have to act as quickly as in the past, not do you necessarily have to place a bid near or above the asking price.

In this market especially it is important to have an exclusive buyer agent to help you take advantage of your market position and get what you want at the best price and conditions. For more information on exclusive home buyer agents, visit Minnesota’s Buyers Real Estate Group.

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